6 Responses to Raver Booty

  1. realreal

    great ass, but as a DJ this turn me off so bad. I can’t believe that the electronic music scene has degraded to this point.

    Great ass tho

  2. $#@D¥no1


  3. bigswole

    Dammmn. That’s a perfect smash-down/jump-off joint. You know them raver chicks will get buck wit it and throw it back for hours like monsters off mollies.

    BOTD, check out Arianna Angel.

    She is phenomenal: http://instagram.com/theariannaangel

    • botd

      Yeah I always had suspicions about her for some reason. Can’t get into details.

      • bigswole

        lol, you wild’n. you’d think a $100 bill was fake if Bill Gates handed it to you. everything in life that’s good ain’t fake! haha.

        • Willie Beamon


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