18 Responses to TikTok Curvy Girls In Uniform Challenge

  1. Alowishus Devadander Abercrombie
    • Blarney Stone

      That looks like Steph Rodriguez.

  2. Tight Dresses

    7 & 11 please. Nice one again!

  3. Unknown


  4. Djorgius

    Ohhh, please , name or user of #3 and #8, please, please!

  5. CALIB

    Name of the #8

  6. Zombie

    Number 6 & 8 please.

  7. lolman

    Unpopular opinion: I find these TikTok dances/things very cringe, I’m not talking about you sharing these clips, which I appreciate, I’m talking about the trend in general, despite the girls being very hot I can’t ignore that. I guess I’m too old for these trends and shit lmao.

    • botd

      Nah I agree. Well except for my tiktok videos. Those are definitely not cringe but the coolest ever.

    • BigMike

      I agree, all these vids are dumb ass fuck, but we get some enjoyment when they have great bodies. Gotta take the good with the bad i suppose.

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