27 Responses to Thick Asians in One Pieces – Part 6

  1. Aceboogey
    • botd

      She was a girl that submitted pics on Reddit but she took her account down.

    • Ahmet

      D-D-D-DEEEYUMM (Excellent find, BTW)!

  2. Ben

    Why is so hard to find pics and vids of curvy, big booty japonese women on the internet? Is more easier to find cute young girls or skinny boned girls, with no ass at all.

    • bootox

      I don’t know, but maybe for Japanese standards the more skinned and “childish” are more attractive. Also, I think it’s harder to find these curvy girls there.

      Of course, they are masters on the ways of fetish, so the curvy ones must have their fans as well.

  3. Alf

    yes Lawd! These asian women are blessed. They got plenty of dump in their dumpling. This is what a nihhgg need. Tired of seeing pawgs. Good shih bruh.

  4. GOD

    We need a name for #4. cmon guys help a fella out.

  5. Hhgsrssz

    Number #2 nameeee????

  6. Bento

    Can someone please tell me who’s this ? http://www.xnxx.com/video14029697/vid-20150821-wa0003 Thank’s!

  7. JAVKing

    #3 is http://www.javlibrary.com/en/?v=javliol4rq
    #1 & #6 – is definitely naho hatzuki

  8. Aznluver

    Omg the last one…..I will never pull out.

  9. zukhov88

    oh my god on #2’s butt

  10. bootox

    Please, someone knows the names of #3 and #4???

    The #3 has such a beautiful ass…


    • DG

      #3? that’s my wife man. i’ll fucking pick your eyes off with my tiny finger i swear to god. dont look at her

  11. Udderman

    yo, got to r18.com, its a japanese porn site, you can search all kinds of genres, ass lovers etc…you’ll find a lot of thick japanese girls

    • Spooky

      If you wanna pay money for porn lol

  12. Pototo

    I want everybody’s names, please.

  13. JP

    Okay, now…. Who is 2# and 3#

  14. Jeff

    Who is girl #3 working out?

  15. poohbia

    Now thats what im talking about.

    PAWGs are getting so common nowadays thats its not even that much of a big deal anymore. But this is something you dont see everyday

    • 87168

      How is she a PAWG? She’s Asain. PAWG, stands for Phat Ass White Girl. People misuse this term way too often.

    • 87168

      haha never mind. i misread. my bad!

    • C.A.

      @poohbia said “PAWGs are getting so common nowadays that its not even that much of a big deal anymore. But this is something you don’t see everyday”

      Uhhh perhaps in the internet world PAWGS aren’t as big of a deal as they used to be. But in the real world are you really seeing PAWGS so often that they’re no longer a big deal? I live in Miami, and I don’t. Besides, there’s a black girl at my job who is an absolute brick house, and I never – everevereverever – get tired of seeing her.

      A thick girl, regardless of her race, will always be a wonderful sight to see.

      • poohbia

        I was mostly referring to the internet, but even then, where I am (somewhere on the westcoast) its not rare to see pawgs

        I guess I should have put that disclaimer… *where I am*

  16. BootyFreak

    Ok, these chicks need more than hand rubbing! They need some drilling!

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