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  1. moose anon

    Nice ass on her! I would smash it!!

  2. Boy

    I can hear her scresming papaoutai

    • Thepornisher


  3. Paul

    Came across this girl only the other day.Just loved the way she teased with that gorgeous,big butt and thick thighs.Had to watch the video again and again.Don’t know how old the videos on http://www.lafranceapoil.com/ are but would love to think she is doing new stuff.Would love a custom clip with her.

  4. Big Will

    Anyone else think she looks lowkey like Kelly Clarkson in the face in the first gif?

  5. Ass Cracker

    POST OF THE MONTH ! period

  6. IN NEED
  7. Never

    Oh my god. I’m literrally going to die. I saw a lot of booties, and since The first time I saw Célia, she became my favorite pawg… I was looking at her vids, hoping that she would come up with something new, and then I thought to check up Botd. I love Jésus.

  8. Anonymous

    Yo i just had to share this shes actually brazillian and idk if its just me but she looks like Mel B from americas got talent but thicker lol http://m.spankbang.com/n4s7/video/big+booty+indian+chick+pronebone

  9. KingJ


  10. YO

    glad shes back in the game ..That’s Assworship Material

  11. Ozzzzzz

    Funny, I was just looking for her vids yesterday to see if she had anything new out. Thanks BotD and Omen.

    • Ozzzzzz

      BTW, full vid is already up on spankbang.

    • frenchbigbootyaddict

      All her videos are originally published on the website http://www.lafranceapoil.com/ The website requires you to pay to watch but you can watch trailers and see the new updates then find the video for free elsewhere

  12. BootyBanditSDB

    Yep! Its officially Christmas! Thanks man!

  13. Hezey

    Omg! Best post ever

  14. Yabajaba

    o FUCK, unexpected. Really hope she does more.

  15. pieprzyk

    Omg i love her vievelafrance

    • Frenchboy

      Vive la France* the best french pawg in the game but not the best booty

  16. poohbia

    Built just how I like em

  17. realreal

    Finally good jebus you heard me. And she didn’t lose the booty.

  18. Bootylove

    Oh shit, she’s back.

  19. BSD

    Friends –

    One of the all time great EURO PAWGs.

    Four scenes, but that was enough.

    Celia is in my jackoff bank FOREVER.


  20. commentingaccount


  21. naughtynuff4u

    french girls are like crepes; soft, sweet, and has warm creamy filling if you know what i mean.

  22. Johnny

    I fell in love with her the first time and was hoping she was still in the game. Thank you jesus

  23. iceman8069

    I’m really diggin this broad…I’d bang her out for real!

  24. Zeet

    Thank you Jesus

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