Sarah Big Butt’s Butt is Big


Just a reminder, but sometimes I don’t post Tube links because I don’t wanna get those sites mad, ya know.

Okay I’m about to bitch for a little while, so don’t pay too much attention. But it seems like less and less people are signing up with our affiliate sites. Probably because stuff is getting leaked, and also because people are posting Tube links. But please don’t misunderstand. I’m definitely NOT saying stop posting links. I mean part of the reason people enjoy this site is because of the sharing. Also I’m in no position to tell people not to do something that I would most likely do myself.

I mean everybody knows people don’t like paying for porn, especially in these tough times, but most people don’t know that if nobody pays for porn, then porn sites can’t produce new content, and we’ll end up with only amateur stuff uploaded by regular folk, that probably might not be as attractive or fapworthy.

Don’t get me wrong tho, I’m not asking anybody to sign up. Well, that’s not entirely true. I’m actually asking ONLY a small handful of people ONLY if they’re financially secure enough that a subscription won’t break them, to maybe sign up to one site a year. And if we have any rich One Percenters that visit here, you guys can probably handle twice a year. Not asking for much.

It might sound like I’m trying to make you guys feel guilty. But of course not. I would never do that. Oh did I mention that I usually sign up to a bunch of premium sites out of my own pocket so that I can get that new exclusive sh*t that you can’t find anywhere else. And did I mention that I can put up a lot more ads, but I don’t because they’re intrusive, and making the site load quicker is more important than a few extra pennies. Also there’s no popups. Or any of those Goddamn popunders. You know what I’m talking about. All of a sudden you hear something like “Hey boys, it’s me, Candy Kisses. Only 5 minutes left to get into private chat. Oh thank you David. Oh thank you John.” Adding those could make a site a lot more money, but f*ck that, those things are annoying as hell.

But if you guys can’t do it, I’ll survive. I’ll just have to stock up on Ramen noodles for a while, maybe stop using electricity except for my computer and the fridge, and maybe go without heat for the rest of the winter.

Haha. Okay you guys should know by now that half the stuff I say here should not be taken seriously. Still, the other half should. Truth is, I learned a long time ago that there’s no money in porn, so I gave up trying to make a living off this. As long as I keep money flowing through other means, I can just concentrate on posting good shit. Just for fun.

Don’t worry, we’re not going anywhere. All the fine hard working people here at BOTD International Studios, and by that I mean me in my living room, will make it through.

15 Responses to Sarah Big Butt’s Butt is Big

  1. Chris

    In December I subscribed to BangBros when they had an insanely cheap month-log subscription for a couple of dollars. The strange thing is – and this has happened before – the subscription hasn’t cancelled yet, and I haven’t been charged. It’ll cancel eventually, I’m sure..

    Have you seen any videos where the girl is so sexy during the pre-sex/interview part that you don’t even make it to the sex section? Lola Foxx’s “Ass of the Year” comes to mind. She’s too cute.

  2. Jay

    Just wanna say that you have a magical way with words BOTD Guy, lol. This has become one of my daily site visits during that true “peace and quiet” alone time you get once in awhile haha, and it’s definitely worth while. Much love to you man for bringing what you can from the heart, and I hope you get paid more in the long-run too! ;D

  3. Bootyman96

    I know I’ve said this elsewhere, but I’ve been here since May and commenting since October or November. Love this site in confident you’ll survive and more stuff should be happening. Now I guess I’m gonna be the 1st one to talk about this post. DAMN DAT ASS IS HUGE! FUCKING LOVE THIS SITE. IF YOU HAVE A VID LINK ON DIS BITCH I <3 4EVER BRO. Lol Caps.

    • botd

      Do a Google search for “Sarah Big Butt” … Actually, use Bing cause it’s better for porn. You get a result page filled with thumbnails, and you can hover over them for a preview. If some are blurred out, you need to turn off safe seach on the top.

      • Bootyman96

        Oh I know how Bing is trust me I always shut the saftey button every time. Google is what I’ve always been using for most of these chicks, but if you say so Bing it is.

        • botd

          Don’t go by what I say, click the Bing link I posted above. That’s what it looks like when you search for a girl. Compare that to the same porn search on Google.

  4. blackfrost

    hey there man i understand where you are coming from and i’m all about helping. even if you put a paypal on your site i would be glad to throw a few bucks your way np. yes i’m a single guy with no kids and i’m sure i be ok with only 4 lap dances a week instead of 6. ever since i got into torrents i haven’t really been doing any subscription but if it will help you out that’s no problem at all. i’m sure there are a few sites that i always wanted to join *cough* jessie minxx *cough*. anything to keep you in business and long after.

  5. Darkaholic

    Dear BOTD, I have been visiting this site very much for many years, i truly appreciate all you work, and i understand that botd has got to do whatever it takes to survive. believe me when I say that once i get a hold of some good amount of cash I will gladly join a premium site or make a small donation. Right now I am just surviving paycheck by paycheck. Its’ just not enough. I am currently looking for new job! To everyone reading i am a graphic designer/video editor based in San Diego CA. Cheers. And thank you BOTD for everthing.

    • botd

      Thanks man. Usually I don’t allow plugs like that, but you’ve been a regular for a while so I shall pardon you. But you should post a link to your work.

  6. DC

    Yow BOTD, clear story m8, diggin it. So keep up the good work and we’ll try to make the circle whole so the good stuff can keep flowing! This site is my favo site so you better not stop this good sjit coz else I would have 2 pay you a visit. 😉 DC out.

    • botd

      Haha. Well since I don’t wanna get knocked out by you, I have no choice but to keep posting.

      If I ever reach Hugh Hefner status (yeah right), I’ll hire you as my bodyguard cause you’re a tough guy.

  7. Chammastakilla

    BOTD, let me tell you something, I love this site. YOU DEFINITELY NEED TO BE REWARDED for giving/sharing the best shit on the internet. If I was rich, man I’ll give you a million dollars just to get even more shit on your website, and you’ll still make anybody happy. Just saying.

    By the way, I know I said it again, but I love this site.

    • botd

      I was gonna write “if becoming successful was based on how hard you work, then i wouldn’t care, because Jesus Christ I work hard as hell.” But unfortunately, that’s not how the real world operates.

      • Chammastakilla

        Sadly. I couldn’t agree more.

  8. botd

    PS: Everything I wrote up there is not an attempt to make more money or to get rich. It’s more about trying to keep the Big Dogs happy so that they don’t get mad at us for using their content or sharing links. I think if we get them even a tiny amount of subscribers, they’ll be happy and we’ll be good.

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