15 Responses to YesJulz Public Booty

  1. Shontay Ransom

    I need a girl with an ass like this

  2. Edco20

    Yo BOTD. Theres this fine ass. I mean FINE ASS milf called Sabrina Santos. You should post it on the site. Check her out. http://www.cumonbigtits.com/40something/sabrina-santos-1502booty/01.html

  3. BigBootyLova

    I wanna nut all up in that butt!

  4. ThickThigsLover

    Don’t mean to hi-jack the post but does anyone know who this is


  5. Asseater521

    She is fucking stingy with that phat ass smh!!!

  6. iceman8069

    I fuckin love this chick!

  7. Bigbootylover

    Damnnn i will lick that ass for hoouurrssss

  8. BootyFreak

    You have to go oil drilling in that ass! You have to!

  9. PonyViper

    Talk about booty!

  10. maps

    I’ve seen this chick all over & yet I still got no idea on what she actually does. Doesn’t seem like she models but is more on the business side of things but what does she do exactly?

  11. realreal

    good lord, she’s really pretty and look at that booty. This is the kind of girl i could present to my family and to my friends and feel proud about it.

  12. commentingaccount

    By god, I did some research and indeed, that ass is that fat.

  13. Alf

    perfect for backshots. But a nigga get this picture, aerial coverage? Got damn niggas saw that ass from a helicopter… now that’s a big ass

  14. JOEJOE

    MMMM MMM MMM all that ass… that second pic when a big booty girl lays on her stomach like that so Perfect…

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