43 Responses to Thick Milfs and Cougars – Part 7

  1. Timmy

    Who’s #11?

    • botd

      It’s an old post, so I don’t know, sorry.

  2. Suresh

    Nice collection. Good to see Cassandra (7) again.

  3. yo

    Anything on #8?

  4. Patrick


  5. luis

    name of 12 and 13 please

  6. Moscae

    I liked the gouda cheese ass and her attitude, shes there to be eaten, #3 yay !

  7. john rambo

    OMG! could anybody please tell me who is the number 12 (or share more pics) she is really hot

  8. Electriwizard

    #4 looks fantastic. Good start BOTD!! I was wondering what had happened to my favorite site.

  10. Alf

    (in Eddy Murphy voice)
    I see some big flat booties in here, what’s going on? like #3. Look like her ass was carved from a block of gouda cheese. #4 and 5 flatter than the wine Jesus made from water! Wha wh whats going on? Bootyoftheday! IT must be a cooolllllddd day in Feburary cuz these snowflakes coming up short!
    Lawd lawd I seen mo fullah asses in the democratic party! Lawd yo don’t hear me tho HOw BUsh and DIck Channey get me mo aroused ahhhhh! hahhaha… C’mon man stop playin around, bring out the real asses, you funny man!

    • Alf

      * I seen mo asses full of themselves in the democratic party!
      And don’t make me get started on #15… Her ass so flat a marble could rest still on it without rocking in the slightest! aaaahhhh!

  11. dhskl

    #10 looks awesome. probably unknown…

  12. Jay

    Does someone know what happened to mellanie monroe? I haven’t seen new stuff from her in a while

    • RasTrent

      She got waaaaay too much plastic surgery, and kinda fucked up her face, the last time I saw her. Which sucks, because she was perfect the way she was. Like, top 5 milf pre-surgery

  13. Thurston Howell III

    Would very much like to see a back shot of #13 !

  14. jazo85

    Is this site dedicated to white women?

    • BigAssVoyeur

      It isn’t. One of the things it’s dedicated to though is appreciating those who’ve got big asses 🙂
      Long live PAWGs!

  15. That Guy

    Does anyone know the name of the number 5?

  16. Zeek

    Who is 12?

  17. StrongestNiggaEver

    I’m so spoiled with technology, I feel disappointed when the “picture” posts comes back around. Lol

  18. BigAssVoyeur

    Yay, BOTD’s back!
    Gave us a bit of a scare though.
    And you made up for lost time with this post: It’s firing on all cylinders, man!

  19. DoubleD
  20. Pete

    Where in the HELL are these MILFS ?!? All of them pure gold

    • Pete

      Just realized #1 is Maddison Rose….made me shed a few tears

  21. Bootyman96

    Yes!!!! 1st post of 2016 and we’re kicking it off with MILFs! So much ginormous booty it’s freaking great.

  22. rekka_kien

    God yes 1, 7, 8, & 12.

  23. Omentah

    #2 DOE!!!

  24. BingoLong

    Starting 2016 off right Gaht Dammit!!!

    #4 is hidden treasure for sure…

  25. BootyFreak

    #’s 8, 9 and 14 are on! I would love to eat and ride those mothas!

  26. R

    8,11, and 15 any names?

  27. Al Bundy

    #14 dat ass tho

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