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  1. Memo

    Mhmm yesss more Remy please! !!

  2. Memo

    Mmmmm yes she’s my fave porn star…. Let’s see more of her

  3. Bootyman96
  4. Ilovemesomebooty

    If these big bootied pornstars didn’t only fucking do ANAL, i would actually have some good material!!

    I’m sick and tired of this shit. Almost every big booty pornstar that i love is mainly doing anal. Virgo peridot, klara gold, abella danger, keisha grey, rose monroe. It makes me cringe when i see franceska jaimes being fucked anally. They even have the audacity to zoom in on gabing butthole! Like how is that supposed to help me maintain an erection?!?!

    The worst one is blondie fesser. OMFG! This pornstar has the best ass i’ve ever seen in porn. Perfect in every way shape and form. But never have i seen her get properly fucked. It’s always some fuckboy who bones her anally. She has the most beautiful pussy i’ve ever witnessed in porn!

    Just one night with this girl…. I would be able to die a happy man.

    End rant.

    • mondotoken

      I must agree with the over reliance on GO-PRO shots of Gaping Assholes ( Taking to you: Proxy Page, Blondie Fessner and others) and the never ending facials. I’m tired of looked at themed porn (BIG BUTT, BBW, BIG TITS, etc;) that end with the models clumsily getting into position for a facial cum shot!!


      I actually prefer Japanese themed porn because of the quality and payoff you get from their product. They usually have one girl in the entire movie and you never get tired of looking at it (Chiharu Nagasaki, Hitomi Tanaka, Kyoko Ikenaga, Fujiko Shizu and others…). Hell, even Klaudia Kelly recently did a Japanese porn for Maguro!!

      I would like to see some change in porn but the overcoat crowd stateside is a mute majority.

      END RANT!!

      • MiseryCaine

        One reason why the big businesses are losing out to amateur film. You could find decent “girl next door” types with banging bodies without the chessy pornshots.

        • poohbia

          Agreed with you guys, I gravitate more towards amateur stuff lately because of this reason.

          And amateurs seem like they actually enjoy what their doing

        • bootox

          Amateur has a good share on my account and I agree that we can find fine girls on this kind of content that rivals with the ones in the mainstream (sometimes quite easily).

          About the anal scenes, there must be a good public for this content (which is why we see a lot of it). And I also don’t see the necessity to highlighting these scenes that much, where I’d rather see pussy action instead of anal.

    • Chris

      Well said bro…

  5. bootox

    I love this girl. She does her job quite well and knows how to ride and shake her ass. She’s not a big ass on my standards (although I think Remy is a little bigger nowadays.), but her skills, overall body and charisma assures her a place in my top of pornstars for sure.

  6. Goldy


  7. Udder Appreciation

    Remy is a beautiful woman.

  8. Illphil

    Haven’t seen my babe on here for awhile!

  9. Jason

    Absolutely incredible! Thank you for uploading this!

  10. beardo

    Remy has been my favorite for years. Just Damn. Love her body.

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