23 Responses to Wide Hip Dominican Model Damaris Lopez

  1. Adder McCoy

    Damn where can we find video that’s longer, need something to help when I’m banging my xgirlfriend

  2. dagger666


  3. Pete

    Simple & easy…YES !!!!

  4. Big Poppa

    Not the best not the worst…however I wouldn’t toss her out of my bed!! Happy Holidays, fellas!

  5. BigAssVoyeur

    I can’t see the “stick pin” thighs! Methinks she’s perfect.

    • BSD


      If you’re gonna quote someone, do it right.

      I said “stick pin stems”, meaning her entire leg. From the mid-thigh down, her legs are thin and out of proportion to her hips. While her hip spread is nice, I like the legs to be thicker and just as shapely, especially from the knee down.

      Ain’t no big thang, you like what you like, I like what I like.


      • BigAssVoyeur


      • bootox

        You’re right, BSD. While a great ass is always good, the legs have to “follow the flow” of the proportions of the body. When the woman has thin legs compared to her hips, the overall appearance gets less attractive.
        But like many here, I’ll just say that she’s good to go on my dick at any time. lol

  6. vikivik

    Oh no she is not OTONI OGNI… aplogies

  7. lolman

    HALP! Someone know the name of this girl??? (her body is amazing!) http://pawgtube.com/990-bbw-webcam-closeup.html

    • vikivik

      Her name is OTONI OGNI.. the name is described on the web page you referred…

      • Bootylover5000

        that’s not otoni that’s someone completely different and who has a bigger booty. I wish i knew her name

      • poohbia

        I dont think OTONI has ever made a video shaking her ass bent over like that before

  8. Poohbia

    I’m not pullin out

  9. Goldy

    I love me a wide load, she BAD.

  10. Ty

    I agree BSD. Phat ass thoroughbred but if she’s gonna have a juicy ars, the thighs need more meat. I’d still feed!!!!

  11. BSD

    Friends –

    Very pretty girl,


    Love the hips, love the ass, but the legs are too skinny for me. Don’t like my big booty on top of stick pin stems. Like my thickness and curviness all the way to the floor.

    Just my taste, yours may vary.

    Don’t get it twisted though, I would still give this girl my paycheck.


    • BigAssVoyeur

      Then what would you say about Franceska Jaimes? Franceska Jaimes is a far worse case (almost a turn off).

      • BSD


        Not a fan of Franceska James.


  12. Ahmet

    Photogenic face (!!!) + Can’t see tatts + Very curvy figure without being a BBW = TOP TIER FIND. Good Look, BOTD.

  13. Electriwizard

    Dios mio!! I’m in love. That is one foxy lady. More… please?

    • botd

      The first one’s from Drake’s Hotline Bling video. I think there’s another scene of her but nothing special. I posted her Instagram link. I think she has a Twitter too, and a video on Mixed Mag. You can Google Damaris Lopez.

      • naughtynuff4u

        she looks like a younger version of megan fox without the plastic.

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