10 Responses to Kelli Staxxx POV Phat Booty Face Sit

  1. Funkyship

    Huh. I respect the post. But Kelli… smh. She looks out of whack. Got the weird fake titties, the lipo stomach, the ass injections… was one of closers back in the day. Just doing too much nowadays

  2. Big d

    I want some thicker facesitting where the whole face is engulfed

  3. Traxx

    I want to say she’s like a younger Sara Jay

    but performance-wise she hasn’t displayed the riding skills necessary to make that true yet

  4. big booty obsesion
  5. Brent

    OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! HOLY FUCK! Botd thank you so much for posting that big at white ass!

  6. Steve

    Heeeeelp! It’s coming right at me!

  7. Riff

    where the hell is this vid?????

  8. Pacha

    Would love to be under her ass

  9. Naughtynuff4u

    Her booty so big when it sticks out, i’d be able to sit on it like a chair while she’s standing up.

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