10 Responses to She’s a Brick House

  1. Justin

    Y’all got me with the link to the full video or what??

  2. Derek da Long

    Guess she doesn’t need extra cock. But she sure is mykindahoe.

  3. Pete

    Man, “I love my brothas but where’s my booty??”…..honestly don’t want to see her do porn. I actually like her doing what’ she’s doing now…

  4. Fam

    she needs to be doing porn… Degrees mean dick when mad porn stars have them. porn industry is full of ex law clerks, biochemists, cdc employees, stock brokers, nurses, etc. shit’s cray.

    • realreal

      sadly she’s too damn smart, besides that she’s an artist

  5. Boooty freak

    Too many dimples

    • Spungn

      ^ this guy!!!

  6. bana

    quit messing around rosee, its porn time.

    • dayum

      yeah the only problem is that she’s too smart for that.. she got a fucking bachelor degree in law and language or something…. but we never know

      • Grice

        In international business

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