7 Responses to Christina’s Red Hot Tease

  1. BSD

    Friends –

    Yeah, I’m a BIG fan of the way they present Christina Hendricks’ character on Mad Men. Don’t get me twisted, I like her in real life enough, but she’s not really as thick and plush as they make her look on the show. They pad her up to make her look heavier and curvier than she really is.

    But she looks so good on the show that there were times I was tempted to jack to her right in front of the T.V., with my old lady sittin’ there in the room with me.



  2. Udder Appreciation

    She’s got amazing big natural boobs. More of her boobs would be great.

  3. Pete

    Been having some issues with chrome…no updates at all and though I was tripping. Thnx for the update on that and THIS !! Damn she looks good

  4. Trent bologne

    Fuarkkkk god damn that’s the hottest redhead ever, any nudes??

  5. Chris

    The funny thing is if you’re a fan of the show then you stopped seeing her as just an object of obsession seasons ago.

    On the other hand, Eva Vica Kerekes, who I have never seen before, makes me wish that only beautiful people reproduced.

  6. dannt

    OMG! red hot!

    • botd

      That’s what I was gonna call it too. brb, changing the title.

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