46 Responses to Halloween Hotties 2016 Costumes and Cosplay

  1. BoiManPP

    Can someone plz tell me who number #14 is I think she Is my hot teacher. Just wanting to know i need the sauce.

  2. ZZorokk

    #14 ohhhhhh that’s sexy.

  3. Sir Durrr

    Theyre all damn good!!!!! Too nad for that bullshit starwars one fuckin dumbass shit

  4. ArmyChick

    Anybody know the name of #15 the last one? The Army Chick?

  5. Zonzon

    Yeah, who’s that #13 ???

    I’d smash her to death
    I’d smash her so hard, so neighbor will come to my house to shut down the party, but when he realises that I’m smashing this girl he’ll be like “Let the brotha do his job, we all humans and must work together.”

  6. Ziri

    What’s about the 13th girl! she is really thick and botd!!! i like really Morrigan character

  7. Chris

    Who is nr 9??

  8. gianluca salvatore

    Hi guys check this new video of Love.Randalin showin’ her fuckin’ fat ass

  9. Alex

    Come on man someone has to be able to figure out #5, help a brotha out

  10. 1_love

    Fucking love cosplay booty

  11. Tom

    Bad ugly bodies like fat cows most of them !

    • In 2016, Really?!

      It’s that exact attitude that will keep the blondies runnin’ to the brothas! A thousand thanks to you and your ilk!

      • jerry

        i dont get the blondes to the brothers… not to mention theres not a blonde in this post.. but if hes sending the skinny girls, and any blondes for that matter, to the brothers i thank him ..for im not a man of color nor into skinny or blonde! as botd said.. toms fatally flawed .. so sad

        • Carvos

          @jerry: In 2016, Really?! sounds like a ‘brotha’ and thanking Tom for encouraging the big booties to flow into the bro’s hands, due to Tom’s ilk liking mostly catwalk-bikini body types. Do you think the blacks like skinnies? Think before commenting.

          • jerry

            its called cognitive thinking.. lets try it! yay!

            so to start.. @tom suggested all these dimes are fat.. @in2016really suggested @toms opinion somehow swayed thick girls to black men.. i fail to see how and stated such.. then i jokingly suggested that if @toms opinion swayed any female it would be those he is in contact with.. and @tom let us know that was skinny girls.. @in2016really added in the blonde.. im not into skinny or blonde.. now as for anybodys race.. i dont really care nore get why @in2016really brought that into play.. but thats the trend.. so hey.. im white as fuck and love a fat ass of any ethnicity!! and i dont think that drives skinny girls to black men..

            did you say cat?

    • botd

      Tom’s either a troll or he was born with defective genes that gave him bad taste that unfortunately he can never fix. Either way, he lost at life.

      • jerry

        exactly botd! tommy boy.. your next of kin will be malnourished.. starve and sadly pass. then the underweight 90s model you bred to birth said next of kin will die a slow death after the crows pluck her eyes out. lastly savages will pilfer her bones ..cuz thats alls shes got of value! to think..all while your huddled in your man cave fingering through old sports illustraed swimsuit editions!
        happy holidays.. bbbbwwahhhahaaa

  12. Jethro Toll

    https://www.instagram.com/crystal_mcbootay/?hl=en Have you featured this girl before? I feel like she fits the format.

  13. Alf

    Dammnn.. Son

  14. Spawn
  15. Anon

    Tried image search for 8. No results (weak google-fu). Anybody know her IG/TW name?

  16. Booty

    anyone know #6?

  17. Matthew Pitts

    how number 5?

  18. roxiepawggoat

    9 the empire bunny pirate! pa lease and thank you

  19. Aaron Baron

    army chik is slammiin

  20. Electriwzard

    #4 is thick and juicy. Name please?

    • ThickMirror


  21. Leonard Moeller

    Number three is Ivy Doomkitty

  22. poohbia

    I’ll take #1,3,4,9,10,12

  23. ATG
  24. Pawglover

    DAMN!!! Who is #7? She is definitely BOTD

  25. Iceman8069

    They all bad as fuck!

  26. Al Bundy

    Need name and more photos of the first girl.

    • X

      Sofia Sivan

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