Miyamme Spice Walking

Not sure if she’s Cuban, Black, Brazilian, or all of the above.

Side note: Trying out a new format for video loops, so if these videos don’t work for anybody, let me know.

Update: It should work now.

via evasiveangles.com

21 Responses to Miyamme Spice Walking

  1. Bootyman96

    She’s freaky.

  2. Myron gaines

    Lol Botd Cuban and Brazilian are nationities not races, she’s black.

    • 843bigred

      I just watched one of her scenes and she said that she’s cuban and brazilian.

  3. realreal

    i downloaded a video of her yesterday and she said she had a cuban-brazilian ancestry. That explains everything! Haha

  4. botd

    Okay thanks guys. It should work now. If not, refresh your browser or restart your phone or something.

  5. RasTrent

    Here ya’ll go: http://www.redtube.com/505230

    And to make it even better: POV doggy starts around 15:50 mark. De nada

  6. okayplayer

    firefox…not working

    • scum666

      I use firefox. No issues here.

      • okayplayer

        with a macbook?

  7. The Man

    Botd, I have to give you some props on this one. Sista got an ass on her. The walk should be a little longer damn!

  8. scum666

    I’d take the week off work to worship her properly.

  9. blackjac97

    Video didn’t work.

    • botd

      Can you tell me what device you’re using and what browser?

  10. Pete

    She’s black bro

  11. Spungn

    WOW!!! Holy shit!!! This chick got sum hips!!!! Luv it!!!!

  12. realreal

    oh my god i’m in love

    • big boot ass fucker

      haha, I thought so too!

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