9 Responses to Druuna Shakes It

  1. BSD

    Friends –

    Druuna was an outstanding porn performer.

    Great performer, great body, great personality. Definition of a perfect MILF. She was in the business for a couple of years, and shot about 40 or 50 scenes, so there’s enough content of her out there for those that are interested.


  2. Bootyman96

    Yeah I’ve seen her stuff she’s great! Damn she had to go away.

  3. blackfrost

    here you are my friend. the full video free of charge. enjoy


  4. Desipimp

    OMG that ass is glorious!!!

  5. Druuna lover

    Did she retire? I can’t find any new videos on her. She was one of the hottest milf. If not, the hottest ever.

    • Pete

      From what recall, she did retire my man

      • Druuna lover

        Damn. What a shame

    • Bobby

      I think she did but her booty was off the chain for a 40 something year old woman

      • Druuna lover

        And the way she working that booty for a 40 something year old

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