9 Responses to Happy Hotties

  1. Bootyman96

    Can wait for the spring. Woooo

  2. chuckykid

    Are they from boston??

    • botd

      Not sure. But if the background is Boston, then they’re in Boston.

  3. Ross

    I wish I could buttfuck these two simultaneously. Just not possible. Argh.

  4. J DiLLa

    I have to ask, why did someone photoshop these hotties onto this background? oh well, don’t care

    • botd

      I have to ask… Huh? Whatever gave you that crazy idea?

  5. DC

    Big booties in the wild, that’s the way I like em! 🙂

  6. blackfrost

    oh my gosh, that guy with the red shorts has his shorts on backwards

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