16 Responses to Kim Killz Instagram Pics

  1. scum666

    I want her….nuff said

  2. Ahmet

    She has T-Rex arms (still smashable though)!

  3. mike

    is picture 5 the same girl with the bikini and tattoos?

  4. Pete

    I’ve seen better but would still smash

  5. Bootox

    Thanks BOTD, for bringing this girl on this post. She’s outstanding! Look at the size of that ass! That 4th pic is ultra sexy!

  6. DG

    ill take her over mrs west any fucking day.

  7. bigdoglj

    killer bod!!

  8. ha

    is it just me or is her torso super long? haha

  9. Yeah

    Subtle post, but nice!

  10. Me

    I know her she’s from Bushwick . We was mad cool before she became a model. I wish I fucked her back then

  11. Spungn

    Really?!?!? Wth’s wrong with tatts?!?! Shit is sexy as hell!!!

    • Athr

      Well everyone has certain tastes, but STILL, you’re looking at a woman of this caliber and you’re worried about the tatoos?? LOL

      • Beans

        I didn’t even notice the tats until I saw his comment lol.

  12. seanjohn100

    her ridiculous thigh tat ruined her for me

    • ty

      Yeah. Should’ve left the canvas clean…… but…. SMASH CITY !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. iceman8069

    She bad as fuck!

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