20 Responses to Classy Ass

  1. john

    I would smack her in the face and than kiss her

  2. john

    I would hug her and then kiss her and than put my finger in her butthole and than let her sit on my face

  3. Lboogie

    I’m up for that task.

    • botd

      Yeah that’s real aright. Real nasty.

      • Amador

        I prefer the picture you posted better! Thicker and phat/fat is better!

    • chris

      I’d like to think someone photoshoped her booty smaller cuz they’re jealous

  4. asslovr

    Name please

  5. Rent

    Tell me is not photoshop that booty.

  6. Bootyman96

    U know its classy when she grabs wine and there’s a candle on the table. That sets the mood and gets her in the mood.

    • Bootyman96

      Classiness is bootyful.

  7. assmunchr

    Someone please, NAME!

  8. Udder Appreciation

    “She wants to be your sugar mommy. She’ll pay your bills only if you can satisfy her every night.”

    Don’t fuck with me like that.

  9. Suresh

    That’s a classy ass. Just superb. Thanks for the post!!

  10. Shadyman1

    That’s the dream.

  11. blackfrost

    i don’t care if i have to have an iv hooked up to me for the rest of my life with fluids and Viagra to keep going. i will satisfy her if she does all of that

    • Bubba

      Ssshit the g o v might tax you for services rendered. So you’ll still be a tax slave. It might be fun to piss her money away doe.

  12. eob

    where can i c u

    • botd

      She didn’t really say that.

    • Yeah

      sure why not

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