11 Responses to Studious Booty

  1. Sticky1

    Wonder if she’s a “Pillow Queen?” O_O

  2. Ass ninja


    • Philip

      This is Laura Kopel.

  3. Dan

    Daaayyymmm her legs and ass looks so yummy! Would love to smother my face in dat ass all day long and smell dat azz!!!!!

  4. Blackfrost

    i will study with her no matter what she is studying. that is super hot

  5. Spungn

    Man o man o man…..dem legs!!!!

  6. Jason

    I looked @ her IG pics…. & she has a nice ass & it’s all natural!!!! The perfect body for a girl IMO.

    • Jshizzle


  7. Udder Appreciation

    read that book baby

  8. Demetrius

    Trophy wife potential need to convince my other wife first.

  9. 843bigred

    Damn, that ass and them legs look good

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