57 Responses to Sexy Selfies – Part 40

  1. Blackmamba23

    Does anyone know who #2 is? I know it’s hard to tell because there’s no face shot….But Damn!!!!

    • i like cookies

      I second the request. Bangin.

  2. Electriwizard

    A study has shown that 9 out of 10 men,
    Prefer women with curves.
    The 10th man; prefers the other 9 men.
    Enough said.

  3. BigDick Ryuken

    12 and 7 would get the compress treatment. If I had to pick out of the bunch. But I would absolutely demolish these hoe’s!

  4. Bootyboy26

    Guys please who is no11/10

  5. MM

    7 looks like Jaydashian.

  6. Jaybone

    BOTD. you should start a theme of chubby women with some bush.

  7. Horrorshow

    I’m as honestly suprised to see Ivy on here as I was when you posted Chel back on Halloween.
    I’d also really like to know who 14 is

    • botd

      Posted Ivy a while ago…


  8. M

    3,8,13??? Anyone

  9. Alf

    *Yawns*…. Bootyoftheday? Waiting

    • botd

      Haven’t gotten your check in the mail yet. You sent it right? Waiting.

      • free99

        cyberbone syndrome … so sad when these cats think because a girl appears on their computer screen theyve bagged em.. just the touch or scent of these ladys skin and dood would pass out on the spot! i think he needs to get a real life lady.. even if shes busted.. recalibrate..

        BOTD.. i commend you.. and the great FREE service you provide! keep em comn free99..

      • Pete


        You got these soy babies coming on here telling you what booty is!! We’ve been on this site how long !? And these new cats coming on here with a “yawn” ??! Respect to you bro for all the effort and time you take to give us REAL cats some pure enjoyment and excellent booty

        • botd

          Haha true. It’s like walking into a movie during the last 5 minutes talking about How come I didn’t see any action.

          • Pete

            hahaha bruuuuuah !!!

          • carib85

            you do have an insane proportion of white chicks for an ass site. Its cool if you prefer white chicks. Whites, then asians… I guess it’s like ass gentrification. Its your site man.

      • Alf

        A man, c’mon bruh ain’t no need to get salty. I’m sayin u chose the name “bootyof theday” but all you show
        is some flat booty white chicks that capture a good angle to make their ass “pop” deceptively. DOn’t get me wrong, there are some nice snowbunnies out there, but this site is called “bootyof theday” not ‘Pawg of the day’ , I live In ATL i see crazy thick chicks, and you know what? A lot of them are sistas, ghetto chicks with the crazies natural asses, waist so small ass so phat can’t even compare.
        Don’t discriminate dude, keep it 100… Cater to the niggaz too my g, There’s all sorts of booty out there, I love my black women and spanish women, even some Asians.

        • botd

          Show me one booty site that posts more diversity than this site. And if you think these girls are flat, show me one site with curvier girls. Either your monitor/phone screen’s busted or you’re a troll.

          • Alf

            Shit I’ll be a troll then, I’mma keep fussin until ya put some real thick bitches up chea’. “Realnigga’ you ain’t no real nigga, “all my boys n girls refer to me as a real nigga”. Who the fuck say some shit like that? Probably not even black…
            Any BOTD bring so booty man, thatz all a nigga askin

          • botd


            You didn’t answer my question. What booty site has more diversity, curvier girls, or thicker bitches as you say, than this site?

            A REAL NIGGA is a veteran over here so he knows about booty and thick girls. So when newbies comes over here talking nonsense, he’s just setting you straight.

            Oh and I checked the mail today but still no payment from you. Which means I don’t owe you anything and you’re free to leave and/or build your own better booty site.

        • A REAL NIGGA

          BOTD, I’ve been coming to this site daily since at least 2012 (lotta L’s between there n here so it may have been longer) this is the first post ive made because i felt it was time to give my 2 cents. All my boys n most females refer to me as a real nigga (i beleive that to be better than the infamous self appointment). Let me start with a huge THANK YOU for the content you share. I often read comments questioning not only the type of females you post but the validity of the “real”ness of these photos. To address the first set of complainers….. start your own shit and then u can post whatever you want. Period. I could say more but truthfully, enough said. To the second set of complainers… you are the worst, first let me say that the name of this site isnt BOTD PHOTOGRAPHY! My man is givin us quality content overall for the “free30”. Who really cares if the bitch aint really what the pic shows? most mf’s aint fuckin none of these bitches anyway and i can almost guarantee the main ones talkin shit are the first one’s to nut up when it REALLY come time to bag one of these bitches on the street. We don’t live in a 100% natural world.. Fake is all around us, not jus photo shops n fake asses n fake tits. I prefer natural but theres more out there…. that other men prefer, and if i see a pic i dont like, guess what? I go to the next one! Take note haters….. go to the next one or go to another site all together, one that suits your tastes! And i digress!

          • botd

            True if they don’t like the site then they should make their own booty site. We’ll see how well that goes. And if somebody talks shit about what they post, and eventually somebody will, we’ll see if they’re as polite as I am.

  10. Jason

    #15 is http://www.instagram.com/ivydoomkitty she is kawaii & thick as fuck. Truly a one of a kind cosplayer.

  11. ohmyohmy

    2, 3, 4, 7, 10, and 12!

    Who they be?

  12. GHOST

    #1,3,4,5 & 8 Jeezus!!! Man

  13. iceman8069

    I’d fuck each and every one of these beautiful women!

  14. Stunna

    Who’s number 3?

  15. Littles

    #10 is porn star Keisha Grey. ! of the best follows on Snapchat. Her’s is “littlekeishxxx”. Her and Dani Daniels might have the best 2 snaps.

  16. Anonymous

    To BOTD via Tiffany Capotelli, Ashley Graham & Jaydashian (or whatever handle she’s going by these days): I THANK YOU, My “Thick” folders THANK YOU, my wrist however…. not so much. Can’t even drink a cup of coffee without it fallin out my hand (carpal tunnel syndrome).

    • Ass Crackers

      Yeah idk wtf is up with this guy but these women are super thick and sexy fam…..

  17. Aznluver

    Funny how back in the days you couldn’t get girls to text you a picture. Now is like God fucking damn thank you internet. I would bang them all.

  18. Whattt

    Number five is virgo peridot?

  19. DoubleD

    is #1 Steph Kegels?

    • Cjay

      BINGO you got it right..

  20. dude

    I wouldn’t sleep with any of these women if you paid me. Please raise your standards or I will quit visiting.

    • primerino

      you must be trolling or gay or just stupid, probably just trolling so ill give you the benefit of the doubt, but no cares if you don’t come back ¯\ (ツ)/¯

      • The Mayor

        Hahaha real talk. WTF is dude talking about

    • ilovemesomebooty

      Biggest troll i’ve ever seen on this site. And there probably aren’t even that many. Either you’re a gay or just have a small dick. I would love to have sex with any of those women. They have amazing hips, beautiful face, great hip to waist ratio.


    • Pete

      Suggest you leave now my man !!

    • Horrorshow

      Go away fam, we don’t need your kind here

  21. Ty


  22. GSAgent89

    what uis her name in 11 pic?

    • Wowowi

      Lila Payne twitter & insta ” TheLilaPayne “

  23. Chris

    Who is the girl on pic 2?

  24. Pete

    Ivy DoomKitty always looks banging in her pics but then when you see her in person. sigh

    I’d still hit tho

  25. Throbbin Hood

    Number 4. My goodness.

    • GSAgent89

      Tiffany Cappotelli…i love that girl ^ ^
      Best body in the universe!!!

      • godset

        game over when i first came across her (here)…

        shes the best example i can give that “only gods work is perfect”

  26. Jerome

    9 & 12 wooooooweee

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