12 Responses to Big Booty Arab Brazilian Girl


    Yeah, she squats!

  2. eddy

    Something looks wrong with her ass. Not normal.

  3. ASSLover

    What’s Her name, BOTD?????

    • botd

      I posted her Twitter and Instagram. If it’s not there I don’t know.

  4. damn
    • Dave

      By that you mean “it’s” fake? Lol.

  5. dayum

    boring .. fake .. pass

  6. Eric

    Too incredibly gorgeous. So hot. The hottest bottom ever. So sexy when she squats.

  7. Shadi

    Nice pic

  8. Joe


  9. Sticky1

    Naw. eddy, Dave, and dayum. That’s real. Squatting plumps ass out. I’ve had a few chics with ass structure like this.

  10. Opp

    I’m not a big fan of chicks with freakishly small legs compared to their bodies. Kinda reminds me of midgets. She got booty in the back but booty in the front too… #what

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