15 Responses to Curvy Cute CaliBluue

  1. do stuf

    Oh and she’s into gay and big stuff so the tumblr of hers is real too!!

  2. do stuf

    Hahahahahab guys she’s real I’ve been with that no lie and it’s all real no fake!! Email me if you want proof @ duanestevenss@gmail.com

  3. Bootox

    Sexy! 1st and 3rd pics are the best. Nice ass, indeed.

  4. Electriwizard

    Very nice. Nice ass and hips. Pretty girl. But even naked, she would look partially dressed, with all those tats. I would though. It’s just a shame to cover up that baby skin with ink.

  5. noob

    Very nice, Shame she doesn’t date outside her race.
    Not sure what her race is, I mean she only dates Caucasian men.

  6. noob

    Very nice, Shame she doesn’t date outside her race.

  7. Jackinoff

    Don’t let that body go to waste. Open that ass up and give us some nudes!

  8. Beans

    She’s got a real nice ass. I’m not really a fan of short haired girls but this chick can def get it!

  9. Bootyman96

    I like some post with curvy chicks with tattoos. Since being on this site, MFC and Chaturbate, mind you, I have been a bit opened mined with curvy women with tattoos. They’re artistic and beautiful but idk if I date one. I’d be friends with one, but idk I guess I have to think about it more.

    • Bootyman96

      Anyway this chick looks great.

  10. Yeah

    That second pic tho. It’s like she is Iggy Azaela’s twin sister. That’s thicker ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  11. DG

    hold on bros, let me call my private investigator… *ring ring ring* *no answer*
    shit!!!!!!! he quit -_-

  12. Jason

    2 many tats! She has a nice ass but just 2 many damn tats 4 me!

  13. This guy!

    I like and…. I don’t like.

  14. blackfrost

    still nice to look at thou

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