Creepshots in Calvins

Actually, looks like she’s promoting Divissima, whatever that is.

7 Responses to Creepshots in Calvins

  1. Jack Ass

    astounding (no worries babe one day your hard work will pay off).
    Until then I’se rip off them panties.

  2. BigSwole

    That ish cray. Mas por favor!

  3. blackfrost

    seeing that on the street would make me crash

  4. Zboub

    An Italian clothing line sponsoring the famous bunga bunga partys

  5. User 1

    Divissima is an Italian clothing line.

  6. DC

    That’s my future wife! 😉

  7. Electriwizard

    Nice thighs and ass. Would, any day. Keep ’em coming.