11 Responses to Snowbunny Booties

  1. Big Dawg

    LEGIT Roberta Zúñiga and Eva Andressa


    thats Eva video naked i fukin love her she my favorite flat stomach great ass

  2. 512

    Wouldnt say its PS’d kate upton does this a lot

    • botd

      Not sure if you’re serious or you’re messing with us, but awesome comment any way you look at it.

  3. blackfrost

    might be fake but can still sit on my face lol

    • Swaggy D

      looks photoshopped af but still hot!

  4. OPP

    I think the only thing real here are the boots…. lol…

    • botd

      Nah those are knock offs.

  5. boothaddict

    photo shopped like a mother fucker

  6. Uncle Sam

    Who are these women? I must know immediately, unless this is photoshopped

    • Bobby

      The brunette is Eva Andressa fitness model. Her booty is legit, google her.

  7. flo

    they better not get a cold

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