9 Responses to Big Butt Reddit Girl Strips

  1. jack jones

    name please.

  2. Bootyman96

    This chicks on reddit always excite me. This lady is no different.

  3. maik

    Olivia Jensen

    • JE

      You’ve convinced me that it might be Olivia Jensen lol but where is the full video of these clips?

      • BSD

        Fellas –

        This doesn’t appear to be Olivia Jensen to me. I’ve got a number of Olivia Jensen clips and she doesn’t look like this. First off, Olivia Jensen is thicker and has bigger hips than this chick. Second, if you go to the links where this gif came from, there are more clips of this same chick doing strip teases, and selling soiled panties, and other soft porn stuff that Olivia Jensen doesn’t do. Olivia Jensen has always been strictly a model and a product endorser, and she always shows her face in the videos she appears in. She has tweeted many times about not being interested in porn or any other porny stuff.

        If I’m wrong I’ll apologize, but I’m pretty sure this ain’t Olivia Jensen.


  4. Chris

    BOTD never fails to deliver new beautiful phat asses. Heck yeah

  5. iceman8069

    I’d give it to her hard! Sweet beautiful ass!

  6. Gemini Guy

    1st: I love this site been a huge fan for the longest time, I cum here er’day.
    2nd: I always try to comment but the content never lets me get that far…
    The oh so awesome followers of this greatness are always able to find things I cannot so it would be greatly appreciated if someone could tell me who the hell this is & where can I find the whole video because DAMN. https://www.facebook.com/sensationaltriplex/videos/1038477676182879/

    • BSD

      Gemini Guy –

      The girl in the link you submitted is the porn actress Kelsi Monroe. The is one of her scenes from the Reality Kings website. Scene called “Dirty Minds”.


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