11 Responses to Katarina Ass Shake

  1. Vertigo

    Hi guys, i found this


    I am searching for more of this girl and the hawaii video, but is hard to find more of this babe

    • azon

      Thanks, and searching 2 i hope to find the full movie

  2. Kryptik

    Anyone have a link to the whole vid?

  3. BSD

    Friends –

    I remember this scene from Reality Kings.

    Girl was a nice one hit wonder.


  4. Chris

    Anyone have a link to the full video? On my old PC I had it but I totally forgot about it and forgot to migrate it over :c

  5. Funkyship

    this takes me back. i wish she did more than one video

  6. blackfrost

    for such a phat ass, she has some small boobs. i notice that a lot with PAWGs

    • C.A.

      There are black women with big butts and small breasts.

    • Asstronaut

      Most Pawgs who has tits are fake and its very noticeable

    • Whitefrost

      She’s not a pawg she’s a Latina.

  7. poohbia

    I thought that was Anell Lopez for a second

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