13 Responses to PAWG Works the Stripper Pole

  1. Sticky1

    All the ass on this gif and fools thinking about dudes. Str8 up man violation.

    • Beans

      For real LOL

  2. Gobot90


  3. OldDirtyPants

    A true BUTTERFACE.

  4. Blackfrost

    now that is a true PAWG my friends. cute and phat ass all at the same time. can’t get much better then that

  5. CD3

    them shoes tho

    • glencocoe

      Imo…so unattractive. Why do I want a girl in guys basketball shoes. Just kills the entire moment. Last thing I wanna think about are guys.

      • Kees

        Totally agree.

      • Gobot90

        I agree that I always prefer heels or even bare feet but somehow the last thing I’m thinking about is guys when I look at that.

        • Sticky1

          Wow! You gays, I mean girls, I mean gals. Trying to tell us something here. Damn autofill. Yall ” doing something strange for a lil change, ” behind closed doors! Huh! Those are kids shoe by the way.

  6. Yeah

    Lucky pole man…

  7. Jason

    What part of TN is she from? I live in TN as well.

  8. Datass

    name of the bitch?

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