Klara Gold Phat Ass Shake

klara-gold-phat-ass-shake-1 klara-gold-phat-ass-shake-2

She got a lot thicker, but did she alter that ass? And what happened to her face? So many questions.

via julesjordanvideo.com

17 Responses to Klara Gold Phat Ass Shake

  1. Chaos

    Mind if anyone could find a DL for that fat booty?

    • botd

      If you’re asking me, I can’t stop anybody from posting links, except sometimes when a cam girl wants privacy.

  2. Carmencita

    Wooo Virgo Peridot anal! Not me I can lose, I think it’s the first time she does anal

  3. poohbia

    Looks like she did get “fatter”

    She may have altered her ass to balance things out

  4. mee(a)t

    She did get bigger… She was fine before imo

  5. Maxwell

    I reviewed her past vids and her ass has gotten bigger, but she’s also gotten fatter, her midsection as much wider, and you can see some slight folds of fat on her back, my conclusion is that she has not gotten any site enhancements to her ass, but it’s getting harder to tell, site enhancement is the future, I predict in 20 years it’ll be more popular than boob jobs.

  6. Pete

    wow…..like the look of the ass but I wouldn’t know it was her if you didn’t tag her name bro

  7. DG

    i gree she was pretty in that 1st bangbros scene she did

  8. tajownsu

    Anyone got a link to the virgo anal scene?

  9. Naughtynuff4u

    did you check out marcy diamond’s video? im downloading it now. what’s your e-mail? i will send it to you later.

    • botd

      I passed over it, but I’ll check it out. Thanks.

    • Mark

      what video?

  10. Roland

    Also, what happened to her voice? It got extremely deep. Watch her earlier stuff, it was much lighter.

    • botd

      Weird. Maybe she shoots up testosterone.

  11. tupac

    what a nice ass!

    obs:Virgo peridot finally did anal scene in big anal booties 3(evil angel/2015).

    • Yeah

      Holy crap, this is like shocking news to me. It’s like one of those pornstars who look nice but then their modifications is nearly detrimental to their career! Ass looks altered, and her face man, looks like (not to be too mean) like some botox thing gone wrong to that second pic. Even though I respect her being thicker, her older self looked to be more appealing.

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