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  1. 77K

    Wooooow. ..Stunning,Elegant,Georgeous, Amazing need I say more.. Two question what is her name.and what is her nationality??

  2. Desipimp

    With an ass so sweet i don’ care if she had arms like the Incredible Hulk! Lol

  3. Hipster

    I agree with Mingtian, she’s beautiful but her arms and midsection are too manly…..maybe if she had the flat stomach without the 8 pack.

  4. Mingtian

    I’m 50-50 with this one. In these pics she looks good, in other pics she looks manly and gross.


    • black_cloud_2012

      I agree. Nice legs and ass, but she does appear a bit manish with the extra muscle definition.

    • Funkyship

      WOW! Glad I didn’t rub one out to her haha. That chick is WAY too muscular. Shouldn’t be here

      • botd

        Funkyship that’s why I posted those particular 2 and not her name or anything else about her. Those are fappable.

        Btw, here, rub one out to these lovely asses, then when you’re done, click the button after… haha //bootyoftheday.co/2013/10/17/that-aint-right/

  5. the squidhunter

    She is a Fitness Model!

    I have seen her on fitness pages and lots of Gym photos! It would be awesome if she made the Jump to Porn!

  6. blackfrost

    very very nice

  7. Funkyship

    She looks like how I would hope Kendall Jenner would look, pancake booty smh

  8. she is the

    She is beautiful i would like to get to know her on a personal level.look at those thighs somebody tell her to email me so we can chat

  9. bana

    arch your back and look back at me, mean, like a dragon

  10. AssMan

    Very Lovely, Name?

    • asd

      Eva Andressa

      • AssMan


      • drisvisic

        double thanks lol

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