Bang Battle 4 – Assjobs

aj-applegate-assjob briella-bounce-assjob-c

First off I’d like to apologize to the people that don’t like to see penises here. But anyway, what’s your choice?

  1. I’d like an assjob from AJ Applegate
  2. I’d rather one with Briella Bounce
  3. Either one, as long as she does all the work moving back and forth on my penis
  4. Doesn’t matter, as long as she stays still and doesn’t move while I thrust between her butt cheeks

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25 Responses to Bang Battle 4 – Assjobs

  1. Steven Willett


  2. KingJ

    B for Briella

  3. Hugh G Rection

    BOTD please do more of the bang battles their great!

  4. Litos

    Hi. I love your website! And don’t matter about the penises, we see them in porn anyways, so keep posting awesome stuff….I like the amateur asses!

  5. MrGeeSpot

    Briella bc she’s a squirter

  6. Darkaholic

    I am a huge ass job fan! there should be a site dedicated only to this.

    Btw option C.

  7. newt


    But I rather she keeps still and don’t move.

  8. MilwT will Smash that AZZ

    Capital D

  9. DG

    since AJ is my wife it has to be AJ <3

  10. yoyo

    AJ APPLEGATE all day

  11. Pete


  12. blackfrost

    C all the way

  13. poohbia

    Briella is my girl

  14. Bee

    Briella Bounce!

  15. bbom

    does anyone have any other videos of assjobs with big booties?

  16. Ross

    I’ll take Applegate.

  17. BSD

    Friends –

    Option D.


  18. realreal

    Briella, cause she’s Briella.

    ps: post penises, i don’t really care about em.

  19. Magelo

    I take option E) So long as they both let me stick it up their ass and cum in them after I hotdog them.

  20. Taiwatcher

    btw where’s the briella bounce scene from?

    • botd

      It’s from Elegant Angel – one of the videos in the Big Wet Asses series.

  21. Taiwatcher

    i am absolutely TORN! even the Briella kinda came out first, AJ has been hitting the scene harder and she reminds me of one of my old school favorites Carmen Kinsley.

    Im going AJ b/c i think she is sexier than Briella even though Brie’s ass is phatter.

  22. Troublemaker

    I’ll take option D. That way, you get the angle just right for optimum satisfaction.

    • der

      Brianna Bounce all day. She can handle a MEAAAAAN dick anytime.

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