11 Responses to Room with a View

  1. Colt 45

    Everyone love your bootyful pics, except that nerd heads who can’t deal with others preference. so ignoring that bullshit and do as you like! I’m just happy to see the ass on this website.

  2. Janos

    Keep doing your thing. Botd . What you can delete are dumb ass comments. No need to respond or argue with an idiot. Love that pear shape. Exquisite work.

    • botd

      Haha. Thanks man. Glad you like the stuff. I hearya, but I try to approve all comments that aren’t spam and not delete anything. Even if somebody disagrees with me…especially if somebody disagrees with me…unless they go over the line and talk about somebody else’s mother or something, ya know.

  3. Asslover

    Whatever happened to it, I just love the pic!!

  4. Memnoch

    Photo shop cops are ridiculous, as a photographer I can tell you just about every photo nowadays is photoshop enhanced, if not for size, color correction, removal of marks, adding “make up” removing noise, whatever! Point I am trying to make is most of the photos of women you see look different from the real thing, if its that much of a problem for you maybe you should be shooting photos of chicks in there natural state and leave site like this for others to enjoy, no one likes a kill joy, besides, these guys have pretty good photoshop skills and my cock sure as hell doesn’t mind!

    • botd

      Excellent points Memnoch. I need to add a voting system on these comments so I can upvote you. Hell, I’d upvote Dude too, just for the controversy.

      You know I don’t remember ever writing a letter to Playboy or Penthouse and complaining that the pics were airbrushed, unless they messed up or something. By all means, if you see a bad job, let us know. I’ve removed pics before because they didn’t look appealing. This one is a repost tho, and people seemed to like it when we posted it on Tumblr.

  5. Dude

    The original is fine, why even photoshop this? You guys are absolutely insane. They are enough real photos of phat asses out there. Seriously man, chill with the fake crap

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