9 Responses to Sit on My Face

  1. D-Rock

    I could watch that all day long

  2. Kron


  3. alfie

    Damn. Link plz?

  4. ILL Phil

    I would give anything to be that stool

  5. ivadd

    who is she

    • karan

      It’s franceska jaimes 😉

  6. Bee

    Before you make your decision check out these. Minka Kelly in spandex. http://www.gotceleb.com/minka-kelly-in-tight-pants-at-gym-in-los-angeles-2013-01-19.html – Or http://www.gotceleb.com/taylor-swift-2013-muchmusic-video-awards-in-toronto-2013-06-17.html Dude You could turn Taylor swift into a whooty!!

    • botd

      I’ll see what I could do, but why do you want these so much. Are you using them for your personal enjoyment or are you reselling them for a profit. Cause if you are I want a cut.

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