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  1. Qharl W. Taylor

    I Love. Thick Middle Eastern , Exotic Women !

  2. Real nigga

    I’d smash all of em

  3. Incognitoh

    What’s with the photo in #11’s panties?

  4. ozymandias

    Who is number 2?

  5. Andjuso

    # 7 seven…. huh lordy lordy

  6. Andjuso

    I love this collection because i always wonder whats under there i know most of them are thick so….thanks

  7. Electriwizard

    Yeeeeesss!!! To all of them. When i was a kid, i knew , and talked to some middle eastern people; including girls. They are all voluptuos as hell. They just dont mix with other ethnicities. I guess these pictures have to do. Great collection. Keep ’em cumming, BOTD!!!

  8. Cuss

    Middle Eastern girls have some of the biggest asses under neath all them clothes bro just have to find the freaky ones who rebel out from their religeon,,they horny as fuck , them bitches Love Anal too…

  9. M


  10. Maxwell

    Middle eastern women better than pawgs, Latinas and asians in my book. It’s too bad they’re religion is strict.

    • blackfrost

      i’m telling you now, if you score one you have a gold mine in your hands. loyal, devoted and will do anything you say. it’s like winning the lottery of woman

  11. Al bundy

    Names for 4, 11 and 15?

  12. Pete

    I’d eat them all for dinner but #9 would be my left overs for some times

  13. Gee Ohh
    • Cuss

      That’s Nina Rotti,, she has one of the best asses and thick tighs,,

  14. naughtys3xy


    What name did #14 go by?
    Or better yet…how can I find more pics?

    • realreal

      s4n4, an iranian living in london. She used to post her pics in tumblr, but some 4chan creeps scared her away. She even posted naked pics when she was unknown.

      google it

      • naughtys3xy


        Oh dude! Please point me to the nudes.
        I’m searching high and low, but can’t find them anywhere. 🙁

        • realreal

          nobody backed those pics, it was only a pic of her bare ass. She posted tons of pics in her tumblr, a lot of pics of her ass, most of those pics were lost.

          That’s why we can’t have nice things

          • naughtys3xy


            I even tried doing a “WayBack” search on her Tumblr…but they didn’t capture it.
            I’m going to make it my mission to rip everything and anything for all future booty girls.

            Future generations will NOT suffer like we have! 🙂

            P.S. BOTD should let you post here. You seem very knowledgeable & someone of good taste.

  15. realreal

    #14 is one of my fav arab girls, sadly she was too shy and when her pics became famous she disappeared from the internet 🙁


  16. maggot

    Hey, guys
    Please, help me to find name this girl http://nalgona-gifs.tumblr.com/post/75972107677/full-physical

  17. BSD

    Friends –

    If #7 is not a morph, (and I think it is), then I wanna LIVE in that munsta ass! Hell, take the enhancement away and it’s still fuckably juicy. I wanna smash down on #11 too. She’s thick and cute. Like everyone else I’d be happy with any or all of ’em. I’ve seen lots of pics of #1 on the web. I think even some hardcore.


    • Ghost

      Word. That is wifey material right there.

  18. Oh_The_Pain

    LMFAO Udder! I’m with you ALL the way! Waaaaay too funny!

    I have to go #4 any day, #9 is tasty too. But who cares when #13 is in ur face!

    Love this site

  19. Spungn

    Ya, wouldn’t pass on a single one!! All would get it!!! Someone said the last middle eastern post….they’re thick just like brazilians, just a little conservative. Probably why they’re all posing nude “under the radar! But miraculous post my friend….again!!!

  20. Tha Man

    Number 7 got a nice big ass

  21. Udder Appreciation

    Beat their cakes then bomb their cousins.

  22. Blaximus

    I’d go dumb in every…single…one of those heavenly women. They could all have my babies, mmmm.

  23. bubble butt lover

    I would nut in all of them. All so voluptuous and juicy.

  24. sundog

    Another fabulous collection, BOTD. I love this site, and I love all these thick girls. Here’s another of my Middle Eastern favorites: http://prime-curves.tumblr.com/image/85056927681

    • poohbis

      Hate to break it to you, but that pic is shopped as hell

      • blackfrost

        but still looks very very nice

  25. blackfrost

    that is wonderful all around

  26. reservoir dog

    speechless. great post.

  27. Chris

    9,13,15. omg.

  28. mee(a)t

    Wow #9 and #15

    This reminds me of Sri Lankan girl I talk to. Nice ass and she always sends pics

  29. bigswole

    Dude. Number 4 is crazy bad! Name please?

  30. Josh

    Number 5 is sooo sexy!!!!!!

  31. John

    #15 is tops for me!!!

  32. jaymak

    Damn. They are all the truth….I wouldnt pass on a single one…

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