Thick Arab Girls – 6 Videos

Six videos of thick Arab girls mostly dancing. Press next to see the rest.

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  1. korosh

    sexi bigass

  2. Jack


  3. Nice Big Ass To Blast


  4. BSD

    Friends –

    Puke? Projectile vomit? Please…. Some of you guys would cry if they hung you with a brand new rope. These girls all fit the criteria of the forum, they are far from unattractive, and I would bet that we’ve all stepped to girls and women a lot worse than any of them. If they ain’t your cup of tea that’s cool, but there’s no need to be juvenile about it. On Diamond Doll, I’ve heard that she’s a head case and pretty thrilled with herself, but I don’t care. I wanna do things to her that just ain’t permitted. Lawd have mercy, put me UNDER the jail cuz I wanna do some criminal things to that girl.


    • Boooty freak

      I feel you

    • Jefferson

      When I was criticising I did it with humour. Obviously I didn’t projectile vomit; I will be more serious and professional in my critique in future.

      Also, obviously I would bang them. But I dont think this place is for viewing unattractive women we would bang…..what’s the point, just bang them. I want to see top notch hoes that wouldn’t even fart in my direction.

      p.s. big fan of the sie

      • botd

        Haha. Thanks bro. And don’t worry about it, I assumed you were kidding after a while.

        Main reason why I wanted to post this is because I haven’t posted anything on in a while, and people over there were getting angry.

  5. Boooty freak

    We have seen better and worse. These girls are not that bad. Bottom line, if any of us saw these women bent over in front of us, we would hit it. Don’t lie

  6. Bleh

    Five scares the shot out of me. Thick girls with small tits are bad enough, but flapjack small tits is horribly scary.

  7. Brent

    The last girl is amazing! OMG Are there any more vids of her?

    • drisvisic

      Ik right? I’d watch more than a couple vids of her, let alone some of the other ladies in this post.

  8. Thatblackguyagain

    Where can i find more vids like these? I like the 1st chick and last chick the most.

  9. Dab

    Simp logic

  10. blackfrost

    i agree with squidhunter and on top of that it’s all of what you the person like. ie: i’m an online gamer and i run a group. half of them like the skinny stick figure women and half like the big women. in the end they have a choose. people who like what they do see something that others don’t.

    • J DiLLa

      That’s fuckin deep bro

  11. the squidhunter

    The Thing about Thick Girls is (correct me if I am wrong) they don’t have to be Beautiful. They don’t they are bringing other things to the Table Hips, Round Asses, Big Assed Titties, Quads, Calf Heck if they are pretty that’s just the Icing on the Cake!

  12. That_dude

    Feeling vids number 3 and 5. All of em can still get it although

  13. drisvisic

    whoops..I meant the very last vid lol

  14. drisvisic

    The one in that leopard print dress from the 2nd to last video has a primo booty. js

  15. blackfrost

    these are very good. they are hot to me

  16. Dab


  17. realreal

    Arabs and persians, i dunno why they’re so thick. Sadly they hide their perfect booties with those stupid burkas

    i hate machismo

  18. Jefferson

    When you have nothing good to say the say nothing at all.

    p.s. im going to go puke

  19. bigant916

    Arab bitches are hella sexy. Most of em are thick too

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