10 Responses to More Thick Anja Dee

  1. GDUB

    Anja Dee is incredible.

  2. Seymour

    She has put on weight. Would still love to get my hands on that monster booty though.

  3. hanglow


  4. Maxwell

    I would bet my left but she’s with a black dude, personally she’s gotta busted face and basic bitch syndrome, the only thing that saves her is her ass, she’s borderline fat too.

  5. King James

    For me, she is near to perfect. Cute face, sexy feet, thick legs and a big round fat ass.
    She also has a sexy look in her eyes. She is just cute, sexy and beatifull all together.
    Damn, she is actually perfect. Especially the pic in the blue dress.
    Those cute toes, the white skin, the thick legs and then that huge ass that barely fits in the dress….

  6. Big V

    Damn she’s so fine I would lick on that for hours

  7. Pete

    For some reason, I’m just not greatly impressed by her. Seen better….

    • iheartbutts

      yea i agree….. imho shes border line FAT ass…. not PHAT….. to me.

  8. Caeesar

    She belongs in the Thick Hall of Fame. Especially, as Ginuwine would put it, “In those jeans!!”

  9. bigswole

    would enjoy splurging in that. repeatedly.

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