10 Responses to Asian Ass – Part 2

  1. Seek Sam

    Can I have name of all models plz

  2. Oculus Rift Zelda

    Photoshopped most likely

  3. chris

    5* must know her name

    I really appreciated

  4. troki

    who´s is 9

  5. bootyluvahz

    Lol guess Waldo is easy to find when ass like that is present

  6. T

    Waldo in the last picture can’t get enough of this phenomena lol

  7. dayum

    yeah they are like…… rare pokemons…. lol

  8. Bootylover88

    Yellow and blue swimsuit – SWEET! 🙂

  9. Boooty freak

    Damn! You don’t find Asians too often with an ass, yeah! Where are all of these women? I never see any of them.

  10. Ozzy

    I thnk it’s because they’re so rare that thick asians are my favorite breed of girls or atleast one of my favorites

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