Some Sirius Thickness – Part 2

sirius-thickness-p2-1 sirius-thickness-p2-2 sirius-thickness-p2-3 sirius-thickness-p2-4 sirius-thickness-p2-5 sirius-thickness-p2-6

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11 Responses to Some Sirius Thickness – Part 2

  1. Brownhornet22

    I love her with the red hair. It makes her look wild.

  2. FatBottomedGirls

    she is the essence of a real woman

  3. Bootyman96

    Ok, I just watch three videos from Siri and damn I am glad I know her name now. Funny thing is her name is like the iPhone voice Siri, but damn she knows how to ride. She was a hot blonde, but like I said I love fiery red heads. Woooo!

    • Bootyman96

      Oh yeah and I googled her. It only works when you add “pornstar” to her name. Always works with certain chicks.

  4. blackfrost

    Siri is a very very hott girl no doubt and i do like the red hair but miss the blonde. i think i will go download more of her now

  5. Bootyman96

    Lol I hope btod doesn’t reply to my comment because I think Siri looks good, however, she should fuck a better fit guy. The dude who was doing her looked like he struggled a bit lmao. I like this chick tho and I like fiery red heads ima research her over the weekend ’cause I’m still not over Carmen Ross. Lmao

    • botd

      I dunno but I like seeing porn chicks bang regular or below-average looking dudes. Sometimes even old geezers. For some reason it makes them seem more slutty to me.

  6. Taiwatcher

    I like Siri and everything but i am not feeling that Red Hair on her. i miss her dirty blonde locks

    • botd

      She could have purple hair be bald and she’d still get the D.

  7. Bootyfreak

    A woman like that needs a real dick, one that she cannot swallow whole that easily.

    • botd

      To be fair I think it was still flaccid.

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