Elnaz1985 Revisited

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So now that her ass is bigger, smash or pass? Personally I’m kinda torn on this one, so I don’t know. Well maybe I don’t mind her humongous ass, but she definitely needs to chill out with them lips. Enough is enough.

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  1. Smashthat

    I’d absolutely smash that. Love the entire fakeness. Lips (get even bigger!) , tits and especially ass. It would be even better if the ass got bigger and the thighs thinner. It’s all about that ratio. Sudden enormous ass bursting out. Just imagine having her about 24/7 in leggings. Absolutely the best

  2. Osiris

    Hey does anyone know which surgeon does her work? My wife loves the work and would like to schedule a consultation. Let me know any information that you can come up with. thanks

  3. Jefferson

    The tide has turned on this hoe! I remember the last time I criticised her people weren’t as unanimously disgusted by her. In fairness, these are much better than her previous photos….

    How about some Kathy Bentley? Now she is a tramp who could afford a good surgeon!!

  4. Rod-Digger

    So what will it take to put in time with you i got what ever..

  5. GreenEggsAndHam


    If she gets any more work done ill pass there’s a limit on how much surgery you can do to your body before it starts look bad, I mean real bad

    ~Dr.Seuss’s friend

  6. sterlin

    shit she got a fb

  7. Pete

    What these women need to do is save their money and do some damn squats !! Can anybody explain the fake booty phenomenon (in my Charlie Brown voice)

  8. Bootyman96

    I am not worthy for that big (fake) booty for I am horny (not really cuz I’m tired and I won’t say why) and I would try to go for it because it is a fucking monster (I honestly go for it but wtf? Another Instagram ho? And when I go after her she be like “nigga you ain’t gettin this ass, you thirsty nigga” I won’t waste my time with an Instagram/Tumblr chick.) such a big monster I would prefer her friend who I pray to god she is a goddess who is natural. I need that. I want that. And I love that!

  9. Richard cranium

    A wise man once said “silicon parts are made for toys”

  10. poohbia


    Im not a fan of fake ass, especially one that obviously fake

    Probably feels link concrete

    • poohbia

      Her face is BUSTED too, hell nah, PASS

  11. realreal

    shit is disgusting. What’s the point of a deformed big butt if she has skinny legs

  12. jWILL253

    If you notice, you’ll see that she’s taking all of her pictures indoors. That because she knows if she ever goes out and bathes in any prolonged sunlight, her plastic ass, boobs, and lips will melt like a wax doll.


  13. BSD

    Friends –

    Not the least bit interested. And I certainly wouldn’t PAY to smash her.


    • botd

      Oh man. BSD usually likes the really thick ones. I guess he draws the line at fake. Now there’s no one left. Okay guys, no more Elnaz, I swear on big booty.

      • blackfrost

        thx you lol

      • BSD

        BOTD –

        This is true. I am extremely partial to the thicker chicks, and I’m not at all allergic to the chubbier and plumper girls. But between the strange face, the fake everything, (ass and tits), and the bad vibe attitude that you just kinda sense from this chick, I am not feelin’ her at all. Because of the cartoonish look she’s given herself she probably gets a lot of attention, and you can tell she seems pretty thrilled with herself.

        I’ll pass for a little more real woman, that ain’t necessarily the Queen of the Club.


  14. JD

    I really don’t want to be a downer and crash everyone idea of what actually happens with huge butt growth (well maybe a little), but if you still think this is perfectly reasonable, you should probably check this out:

    Kinda made me appreciate more natural silhouettes.

    • botd

      Thanks man. I always appreciate more info.

      But I don’t think people care about what her ass might look like in the future, or about her health or well being. We just care about what makes our jimmies move at the moment, ya know.

  15. nah

    Pass. This shit looks terrible and unnatural.

    • botd

      Well we know it definitely doesn’t look terrible since she has 66 thousand followers. Unless you meant “in my opinion” … then okay.

      • nah

        Nah it look terrible. Her body has no proportion. Most men have low standards and would fuck anything so her having 66 thousand followers is meaningless.

        • nah

          She looks like a cartoon character.

          • Pete

            Agreed !! She could have a million followers and it wouldn’t mean anything. I’d have to pass on that ass….I like the natural stuff

  16. User 1

    I’ll smash her reverse cowgirl style after I eat food off her ass.

  17. der

    She just better not end up like Pebbelz.

    • botd

      I think the good thing about her is that some girls end up gaining a little weight after getting their boobs or booty done, so it ends up covering it up a bit and looking a little more natural. But yeah, if she lost weight it might look like Pebbelz.

      For those that are confused, I think he’s talking about her…


      • blackfrost

        now that is nasty

  18. blackfrost

    that’s a lot of ass

  19. Aalim Chin

    Or I should say guys will still find you attractive ^.

    • botd

      Tru, but from what other people have said in comments elsewhere, it sounds like she’s making thousands of dollars nowadays selling that booty, and getting crazy attention. I don’t think that would have been the case if she still looked like this…


      • Aalim Chin

        Probably not. Well make money how you can I guess. You can buy back that dignity! 🙂

        • botd

          Haha. Bro I agree with you, implants are nasty… but check it out… If you were a shorty that was born with noassatall, and you worked hard all your life and saved up all your stripper money to finally go out and buy a brand new big ass, and you sat down with your doctor to make sure it comes out just right, took the right amount of hormones every day and everything…. shouldn’t you get more props than a girl that was lucky enough to be born with a big one from the get? Haha, I’m weird, but I like to think of things from all different directions now that I’m older (and not exactly sober).

          • Aalim Chin

            lol I hear ya.

  20. Aalim Chin

    Implants are disgusting. I can’t fuck with that fake shit. Pass.

    I don’t see why girls need it. Guys will have sex with you whether you have a BOOTY of the day or not.

  21. G

    I’d still smash that ass. She’s damaged goods, but…. Yeah 🙂

  22. Yikes

    She’s so busted. I’d hate to wake up next to that.

    • botd

      Just hit it doggystyle then get rid of it while it’s still dark.

      • Hasnain raza

        Hot booty

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