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French Maid


Some BOTD trivia if anybody cares, and also I have a favor to ask…

As some of you may have noticed, I never leave watermarks on any of my gifs. Reasons are… 1) personally I think it’s kinda tacky and distracts from the image, 2) It’s not right putting my name on somebody else’s content, even if I put work into it to make it a gif, 3) It’s just another thing to worry about… etc.

Point is, the gifs get passed around all over Tumblr, Reddit, and other places and nobody knows where they came from. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not complaining. I’m just asking that you guys take one microsecond out of your day, and just leave a little comment or reply if you see one of these gifs anywhere.

Be like, “Hey wait a minute, that’s a Booty of the Day gif!” or “via” or some bullshit like that. You guys know I always try to give credit where credit is due by linking to sources.

Or if you’re one of the reposters, go right ahead, I don’t care. But at least mention BOTD even 1 time out of every 5 times you post one of these gifs somewhere.

Anyway if you like this site and you want to see it survive, I’m sure you’ll do the right thing.