Thick Drunk Latina Ass Flash

We need to go to this Latin club amirite.

Ayye dios mio, uffff que diosa, Que culo tan rico mami and all that stuff. Nah I don’t speak Spanish. I just copy pasted from the Youtube comments.

21 Responses to Thick Drunk Latina Ass Flash

  1. KKG

    The account is terminated smh. Did anybody any get info before it was taken down?

    • botd

      I posted the important parts. The rest of the video is just him recording the crowd.

  2. jake le


  3. Ivan

    que ricas nalgas de esa gordita y saber que esa perra es del norte de Mexico hace que me quiera mudar

  4. illlphil

    Man id be rock hard in front of everyone if I seen that

  5. Lucifer

    Lo unico que quiero es su alma. Su cuerpo biene despues. It’s a video women everywhere should learn from. If your desperate for cocks get drunk and moon your prospects! Alcoholism has it’s rewards.

  6. Castelli

    God, that girl make me say: “Culazazazo. Le doy”.

  7. Bootox

    Wow, I would take the drunk one and her friend (the one that turn around with her) home to a private party…

  8. Maxwell

    Damn Latin women that’s where it’s at, it’s a toss up between middle eastern and Latin women for me.

  9. blackfrost

    that is a booty i would spend money on lol

  10. poohbia

    Thats the type of booty i like, nice

  11. john

    i like the one in pink and black on the right hand side of the screen.
    (the one that looks like she is doing a drug deal, not the one that walks up with the horrendous tie on)

  12. Rep903

    You shoulda put that last Flash on here too….. Good stuff

  13. 843bigred

    damn that phat ass look good

  14. Al bundy

    That’s the kinda booty where you get lost in. LOLOLOL

  15. lurk

    joder tio … la madre la que pario !!! Que cola mas rica la nena

  16. Fam

    Yo the camera man might’ve been able to do what I’m sure we all would want to. At one point she seemed like she wanted him to take her hand. Two left feet but after flashing me I’d be on that even if she just wanted to dance. Damn that camera lol.

  17. C.A.

    I just watched the full video. Who is the camera guy kidding? If he really wants to film the band and the dancers, then he should get closer to them!

  18. iceman8069

    It’s all good if she drunk…we all get there sometimes…lol…I’d take her cute ass home and bang her out!

    • Yeah

      I think she’s not just drunk, but DTF lol!

      • iceman8069

        Lol…i think so too…I’d definitely give it to her

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