27 Responses to Exotic Big Booty Dominican Mary Jean

  1. Dre

    ✔ Smash

  2. mondotoken

    Rage fuck her Goku style!!

  3. Bootyman96

    Hell yeah Smash that Dominican babe!

  4. yeah

    Smash, and smoke mary jane at the same time. AMBIGUITY!

    • i did everything but trust these hoes

      Sounds like a DOPE threesome!! You, Mary Jane and Mary Jean. Respect’n it.

  5. I did everything but trust these hoes

    Both!! It ain’t no fun if the homies can’t have some. So sincere.

    • Beans

      Smash then pass haha! My brotha.

  6. JamieH2122

    I’d smash until her tattoos fade


    Smash no question…

  8. dannt


  9. Metu

    Definitely smash, Whose this?

  10. BSD

    Friends –


    I’m allergic to chemicals, plastics, and silicon in my women.

    I like fat asses and big tits, but I like mine made out of red beans and rice. And pasta.


    • Pete

      Yes sir

    • Udder Appreciation

      To me, there’s a difference between just smashing and dating / wife-ing.
      I’d smash girls I never date or wife. I’m not attracted to anything fake either. However, for smashing purposes only, I wouldn’t have a problem face-fucking this one, or beating her cakes from the back.

      • poohbia


      • Fam

        I also cosign this. Plus mad chicks in the Oogle biz have enhancements.

      • Beans

        Words of wisdom have been spoken!

  11. 843bigred

    smash until i pass out from dehydration

  12. Fam

    What?! Lol to each their own, dude…but I’d smash for damn sure!

  13. Willie Beamon

    Smash, then smash, and smash again.

    Smash one more time for good measure.

    • Traxx

      Then one last time before before you hit the road

  14. blackfrost

    that’s a nice ass so no doubt a reverse cowgirl with her then blow lol

    • Traxx

      Or blow DURING the reverse cowgirl


      • Lula420


  15. poohbia

    Smash with aggression

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