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  1. hosteen

    I haven’t seen Melody’s ad recently, is she still providing. I hookup with her when she turned 18 – she was still tight at that time, she started hooking at 15 years old and had a pimp. She disconnected from her pimp due to legal issues. She now on her own – which is good. I have hookup with her a couple of times & man she’s the BEST provider I evet had; bbj, cg, rcg, fiv, fia, 69, missionary & daty. Miss her.

  2. ned

    Dang, she ‘s carrying around a nice rack. Has anybody hump her lately & where is she providing

  3. nick

    my god I just love watching big sexy asses on satin sheets shaking and bouncing on me

  4. anonymous

    Y’all better go get checked she got HIV and herpes its all over google

    • victor

      is this truth? how do you know that?

  5. Terreill

    I had the opportunity to meet her in Denver. That ass is unbelievably soft and juicy. She greeted me at the door in an sexy lingerie. That ass jiggled every step she took. Love to meet her again.

  6. Somebody

    She’s a hoe and nasty she fucks for money

    • botd

      Nothing wrong with having sex for money.

      • Joe

        She’s good at what she does – she does have a nice rack. She’s still young and satisfy horny gentlemen.

  7. dennypas

    can’t wait till she is back in nyc

  8. melvindelgado

    nice lookin body

  9. Big Boy

    She’s a perfect lady for me, can she take my foot long toy all the way in. Nice boobs, thunder thights, bootylicious, nice face, she’s ready to take it in from behind.

  10. Joe

    You guys are right, she carrying one phat azz. I had the opportunity for an ultiimate, exotic encounter with her awhile she was on tour in Arizona. She’s is young, 20 yrs old, no lie, and she sure does how to use them curvy body. She’s very clean and sweet, especially her private merchandism – it’s juicy, sweet and delicious. That booty is awesome & she can giggle them booty cheeks, very strong pussy muscle – when she squeeze – you’re going to cum. High recommend, don’t know if she’s still providing.

  11. Ken Piffey Jr

    She’s a Hoefessional, has been since she was 15 years old (back in 2008). Horrible tats, but the tits and ass are nice even if she has a loose pussy.

    • Joe

      Yeap, she’s a Hoefessional and has been since she was 15 years old, she does have a nice body: boobs/booty/good looking/nice tits & ass/loose pink pussy. She has nice pussy lips and her clit is large – large enough to lick and suck. She can squirt, if you can get her wet enough.

    • Anonymous

      Wait you just said she’s loose? lol nasty. I prefer tight 😉 but she still looks good though.

    • nature of the beast

      wonder if this cat got the aids first

  12. D-Rock

    She’s one sexy Biggin’! Where can I find her on backpage?

  13. davidtommy

    I would cherish you forever.

  14. Someone

    You see her on BackPage alot.

  15. G

    All night long. Anytime.

  16. trahud

    Wow! She is a bad “B¡+€#”! Tats and eeverything.

  17. blackbull

    Very nice big ass for my big black coock

  18. Bret

    meh. girls like that are a dime a dozen in l.a… WITHOUT the horrible, horrible tattoos.

  19. brent

    Wow, she looks like she could be elke the stallions little sister,lol.

  20. Anon7389


  21. Boooty freak

    Thickity thick, I love them. Without tats even better.

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