Double Troubles

A set of pics of two big ass girls posing together, featuring Ava Rose, Tiffani Cappotelli and Jada Stevens.

16 Responses to Double Troubles

  1. leves

    So sexy & romantic booty

  2. Dman

    Who’s number 2?

  3. Greg

    Very very nice!!! All of them!

  4. Udder Appreciation

    10, yellow.

    • botd

      That’s it, just that one? Damn and I worked so hard on this post. 🙁

  5. C.A.

    speaking of double trouble, check out Reality King’s recent Monster Curves

    • botd

      Thanks. I need to try to make a gif of them shaking it at the same time. Not even scared if somebody takes my idea, cause it’s mad hard to get a double booty shaking gif to look right.

  6. Oh My Damn

    Tiffany Cappotelli sexy AF! Damn!

  7. Jason

    #5 is Kylie & Kendall Jenner.

  8. blackfrost

    i want to die with #7 and #1.

  9. BSD

    Friends –

    Please throw me in a pit with #1s. Ava Rose and Kelly Divine. A man’s gotta die of somethin’.

    I’d like to mount the two #11s as well.


  10. primerino

    1. We know who they are xD

    2. Miss Mulatto & Winny Munoz

    3. karissa and kristina shannon

    4. and

    5. Random Dan Bilzerian chicks

    6. and babydoll125 (im pretty sure)

    7. Jada stevens and kendra lust

    9. alexa dellanos and friend

    10. Hannah polotes and
    Rachel Butler

    11. Tiffany cappotelli and

    13. Labella reina and

    • BigBootyLover

      Your prettu good with detective work..any chance u can figure who this is

      • botd

        I’d be surprised if he can. She looks homegrown, and she’s not coming up on a Google Image search.

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