11 Responses to Lights Camera Ass Shots

  1. alex

    Sexy wow love you

  2. Walter White

    dayummmm….this girl has a really nice ass…definitely bangable…
    does anyone know the name of this girl…???

  3. Mom im ma Cummin

    She’s got a vagina and that’s what’s important is for my dick not for the lights. If light’s is important here go screw lightbuld.

  4. Ucharles


  5. HWBD

    Pass stamp

  6. poohbia

    Her ass isnt the biggest in the world, but totally bangable

  7. blackfrost

    great pics there. to me she is 10/10

  8. Chukou

    Picture #7, is that a bite mark on her ass?

  9. Cakey

    Lighting or not… she’s definitely fuckable.

    • Cakey

      After closer inspection, I find I am in complete agreement with Lmno.

  10. Lmno

    Her ass is descent, she’s definitely got a bad case of the angles, her face though not that hot, for BOTD standards she’s a 5/10, for real life standards she’s a 7.5/10.

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