36 Responses to Guess That Booty – Part 5

  1. austin brown

    christy mack

  2. mondotoken

    Yes, it’s Kelli Staxxx with a little artificial flavor added to her butt.

  3. Brent

    That ass has alot of funk in it!

  4. foams

    What about the girl that dnttrip posted the Instagram pic of?

  5. jamal duvall

    Its Kellie Staxxx….new tat….same big beautiful ass.

    • Pete

      Ahh good lookin’ bro

      • Yeah

        Sponsored by Cherokee? fux yeah!

  6. John Moise

    China, aka Joan Lauer,WWE

  7. John Moise

    Hi! I would say, Bcause of the tattoo it’s Joanie Lauer. AKA chyna WWE

  8. Mr Kicks

    Angel Vain.

  9. botd

    Woops forgot to officially announce the correct answer.

    Okay so PAWG Man and anybody else that said Kelli Staxxx win this round.

  10. Blue Magic

    Kelli Staxxx

  11. blackfrost

    who ever it is, it’s fucking nice and want some of it.

  12. Vlad

    I think it’s jenna shea

    • JR

      It’s Jenna Shea.

    • DreadNought

      Yup it’s Kelli. the ankle tattoo matches and the belly tattoo that I found while looking her up. Plus she’s got a new pair of tits that look pretty natural. Noooice!

  13. Funkyship

    I like women that used to be fat, wide hips, giant butt, but then got the lapband or lost a lot of weight really quickly. Nothing else like a soft jiggly booty clapping on your dick.

  14. Caesar

    That ankle tatt has me thinkin it’s Kelli tho: http://mrstiff.com/uploads/pornstar/kelli-staxxx/kelli-staxxx-111.jpg

  15. yeah

    Woulda been Julie Cash if she didn’t rock the tattoo, but I think it’s Kelli Staxxx. Damn haven’t seen much of her for a while even.

  16. Bootyman96

    I have never guess on booty b4 cuz it’s kinda hard depending what the scene is, however, I think it’s Lucky B. She got plenty of tats, she got a big ass and she’s a blonde too so it must be her.

    • Caesar

      That was my first guess, but now I’m torn between Lucky & Kelli Staxxx (Lucky’s ass doesn’t seem quite as bubbly as this one)

  17. Dnttrip

    Does anyone knw who this is http://instagram.com/p/wPOKO9wGqw/

    • cutter

      I don’t know, but I would like to know as well.

      • Splackavelli

        I too would like to know the name of the unknown instagram female and perhaps references to some of her works… You know… for educational purposes that is.

    • splackavelli knows

      her name is Bianca
      did a lot of research and studying.
      you’re wel’cum’

  18. BSD

    Friends –

    That’s Kelli Staxxx.

    And it looks like she’s put a little meat back on. She had leaned up a little over the past couple of years. I was sad. She never got small, or starved, or anything like that, but she wasn’t as thick and juicy as she was when she first came into porn. Or like she is here. Looks like she grew that munsta back.


  19. Jason


  20. PAWG Man

    It’s Kelli Staxxx, she is back!!

  21. Chris

    Julie Cash?

    • Lula420

      Yep. I think it is.

      • Davy

        Julie Cash doesn’t have a tattoo sleeve on her arm like that.

        • Luls420

          How the hell Didnt I notice that tattoo?

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