10 Responses to Ronaldinho’s Hoes

  1. BIgCjay

    I smash all them hoes,, the thick one with all that ass in red oooo wee!!

  2. Ted

    And this is me COMPLETELY being a hater here… but that pool aint even pimp. Quite an ass on the first one (left) though.

  3. Assman

    No wonder he played so fucking good.

  4. Bootyman96

    Hail To The King…… Oh wait I was thinking of Avenged Sevenfold lol who the fuck is this guy? Seriously, all of the sudden soccer players get mad pussy? Not a big fan of soccer, but fuck it it’s about those winter sports man. Winter X Games, Winter Dew Tour and Sochi 2014. That’s it!

    • quitfakingthephonk

      Nobody gives a fuck about snow games child.

  5. blackfrost

    maybe i should start playing soccer

  6. Jack Ass

    Ronaldo was also awarded the small cocks can also fuck big bundas award. Although I would imagine with some difficulty anything is possible. :).

  7. Urs

    I hope he has an unlimited supply of condoms…he’ll need it….

  8. Desipimp

    Lucky bastard!!

  9. cutter

    Like a boss. Even with his horse face lol

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