15 Responses to Bent Over Booty

  1. jay

    Dam that mf look good

  2. Chilko

    This is going to sound random but would you be able to post a gif of my girl riding me, she as a big ass and i think shes fire.I just think it would be cool on this site hahaha

    • Beans

      I’d prefer a gif of your girl riding me.

    • Nick

      yes, that can be made. Lets get his done! BOTD get to work fool!

    • botd

      Beans, that was uncalled for. Nick, you just wanna see ass. Chilko, see my response to Asshound above.

  3. foams

    Can we get her name?

  4. AssHound

    Dammm that shit is soo perfect. Id worship that ass. I got a pic of my girls ass looks identical but a bit nicer (i am bias). I would be willing to post BOTD for a comparison

    • Nick

      Lets do this!

    • botd

      Asshound, this is a response to you and Chilko below. Yeah, we can do this, but I usually don’t. Because yes, people are biased when it comes to their girls. They think she’s the hottest in the world, especially when they first go out. But other people see her and they’re like, meh. I’m not saying your girl’s meh, she really could be the hottest, but I’m not taking any chances, because the last thing I want is for somebody to send the pic and then for me to have to tell them that she’s not qualified to be here. That could be quite devastating to somebody.

      It usually takes a really really really long time for me to go through a whole lotta material to decide what I wanna post on here. Even girls that people usually consider hot, I’m like nah, maybe not.

  5. Jason

    THIS IS GREAT!!!! Mr. BOTD man do you like girls who give dudes rimjobs?

    • botd

      Mr. Jason, no I’m not really into that. I’m not into that particular area in general, even on girls, that’s why you hardly see anal activities here. But that’s just me.

      • Jason

        OOOO. OK KOOL. Anyways…. did you know that virgo peridot did a scene with mike adriano?

        • Rondell

          Got the link?

    • Nick

      Lol thats such a random question haha

  6. iceman8069

    I’d bang the life outta her just like that!

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