8 Responses to Patriotic Booty

  1. Grice

    I’m gonna cum on that ass and on that flag

  2. mothafucka jones


  3. mee(a)t


  4. bigswole

    thas good clean work right there. shit look ridiculous.

  5. E

    Wait…isnt this an ld post…i feel like iv seen this. It was called like Corn fed booty or american fed booty or something…BOTD Please believe me! Please Believe me (Dave Chappelle refernce)

    • botd

      Haha. 2 different pics that look similar. This one’s from a screen capture of a video.

  6. Desipimp


  7. iceman8069

    Kelsi may not be ridiculously hot, but her body is fuckin ridiculous! Love that booty!

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