7 Responses to Plump Ass on a Lawn Chair

  1. John donavine

    What’s her name

  2. kidwicked

    Yo Bryan guy man you are the truth.Like I’ve been trying to break my gfs anal virginity for a minute and she won’t even let me.Lol. Cause she scared cause of the pain lol.

    • Brian

      Step by step, kidwicked
      It all takes time, and use alot of lubricant.
      It helps alot, or have her get on top of u, and let her grab ur dick and put it in her ass when shes ready. She will start to like it and eventually it will go all in.

      • FapMan

        you sick bastards…

        did it feel like heaven?

  3. Brian

    In that position i gave my girl her 1st anal creampie. Its a good position.

  4. yoyo

    holy sh*t O_O

  5. jay

    Who is this in the picture?

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