8 Responses to Curvy Spring Breaker

  1. MEH

    This is biker rally in Montalivet, France. If you search for “Montalivet” on YouTube there are a few more. Yw.

  2. kinganubis

    the video was uploaded in 2014, i thought it was recent. i miss her tho.

  3. DG

    she still fine damn and that bush looking sexy af

  4. Pete

    I’m with you BOTD, it would have been sexier if it was a random female. I’d still smash tho

  5. KingJay

    Liza Del Sierra! The pornstar!

  6. poohbia

    It looks like Liza to me

    Where was this? I need to check it out

  7. blackfrost31

    thought they wasn’t allowed to show nudeness like this on youtube….don’t get me wrong i love it thou.

  8. commentingaccount

    In the video you even hear Liza being yelled by the audience. It’s her.

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